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Ginny Pig Distillery

Christmas Gift Pack

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Christmas Gin Gift Pack

Treat your favourite gin aficionado to the ultimate gift this Christmas!

Beautifully presented boxed gift including:

500ml Christmas Gin 40% abv
210g Gin Infused Boozie Pudding
150ml Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Christmas Gin

Passed down throughout our family, Grandmother Hazel’s famous Christmas pudding recipe is so darn good we had to bottle it to share with you. Infused with the best fruits and spices to perfectly capture the taste & smell of Christmas.

Gin Infused Boozie Pudding

Our gin-infused puddings are not just a treat for your taste buds; they're also our way of preventing food waste.

Picture this: all the luscious fruits, spices, and peels from Grandmother Hazel's divine Christmas pudding, infused into our exquisite Christmas Gin. But wait, what happens to those gorgeous gin-soaked ingredients, you wonder? Well, we sprinkle them (plus a splash more of gin, of course!) into the capable hands of our friends at Kyton's Bakery, where they work their pudding magic.

 The result? A mouth-watering, gin-soaked pudding that's the epitome of indulgence! We highly recommend serving it with a generous scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream, topped off with a tantalizing dribble of our signature Christmas Gin. Savor these delightful concoctions, knowing you're also contributing to a greener, tastier world.

 Cheers to decadence, sustainability, and a whole lot of fun!

 Serves 2

Pudding ingredients list

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best Xmas gift for gin connoisseurs!

Bought the Xmas gin for my daughter & her husband for a Xmas gift - she loves it!
Will be trying the hot cross bun at Easter!

Haedyn Crooks

I need a bigger bottle please